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I can show you how to eliminate problematic foods from your diet without the hassle of an elimination diet.

You will get...

  • five alternatives to eliminate foods so you can begin feeling better without the hassle and the agony of an elimination diet
  • a detailed explanation and instructions for each alternative
  • foods to avoid (for alternative #1)
  • foods to include (for alternative #1)
  • a massive food chart (for alternative #2)
  • a free monthly food and symptom diary to help you keep track of the food you eat and your symptoms (printable)

Who is this product for?

This product is for you if...

You are overwhelmed with the thought of completing an elimination diet.

You don't know how to complete an elimination diet - what foods to eliminate, what foods you can eat, etc.

You know you need to change your eating habits but you don't know where to start.

You are desperate for help.

This product is not for you if...

You feel competent about completing an elimination diet.

You feel that eliminating foods will be simple.

You are already aware of alternatives to an elimination diet.

You don't feel you need help eliminating foods from your diet.

"While most books focus on what you can't or shouldn't do, this quick guide was helpful in focusing on what you CAN do. Thanks for the perspective flip!"

- Sylvia Hall

About me

My name is Kenda Mogford. I have been dealing with food issues for almost 10 years.

I realized I needed to change my diet in order to eliminate my symptoms and begin feeling better, but I to complete an elimination diet, so I was determined to find other, more feasible methods of eliminating foods.

After some research, I discovered these methods.

After using some of these methods, I was able to eliminate foods that were causing me to be sick. Upon doing so, I healed severe eczema, digestive issues, joint pain and more.

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Due to the nature of the product, digital products are non-refundable.